Nissan GT-R32 Tomei 2.8 GT-SS Turbos 595ps 713nm


Carcouture´s second direct import from Japan in 1999 was totally refreshed after arrival in Slovakia. The idea is to create a street legal Gr.A performance replica.

The refresh involved a complete dismantling of the interiour and engine bay. The interiour was then changed into a 3-color full grain leather upholstery and all plastic parts were prepped and color colded matching the color scheme of the interiour. At last, the entire body was repainted in a Nissan white.

The engine received a rebuild with 2.8l Tomei internals, and Tomei Poncam B camshafts. Engine Management is controlled via a LINK G4 with optional barometric pressure upgrade. An OS-Giken uprated 5 speed gearbox kit with Hollinger Inpu Shaft and OS-Center Plate helps maintain sustainable thrust. A specialty on this car is a very limited coilover setup, as we were able to source an original HKS 4 way-adjustable Gr.A coilovers kit off a fellow partner.

Engine build and mapping of this specific car was outsourced.

The car is street registered in Switzerland.