Carcouture RB30DETT Nissan Skyline GT-R33



This special vehicle came from the famous japanese tuner Auto Select,who prepared the chassis more than well for time attack and drag outings.

The entire car is pop-rivetted for outstanding rigidity and has a extended bolt in roll-cage installed. Carcouture refreshed the chassis and is building a new powerunit, a RB30 with a low mount twin-turbo setup. 

The car has its original paint in fairly good condition, with the new body parts being painted the few flaws in the body will be consodered as well. Carcouture wants to give this car to potential customers on the race track and expects scars, hence the overall look is not the focus. The power data from this car will be the only focus.

With a RB30 low mount twin-turbo setup power above 850ps with a quick spool up is realistic.