The world´s most unique Skoda 120



We specialize in custom tube frame chassis constructions that allow builds with virtually no limits. These cars are one-off pieces and have many hours of development and design in them. Best example would be our Skoda 420RSA, a tube frame chassis Skoda 420RS with a mid-engine Audi S8 4.2l V8 and individual carburators, oem VWAG parts and a 6speed diesel manual gearbox.

The car weights 600kg with around 500ps output, rear wheel drive and a very good weight distribution. It’s an one-off, one of a kind build and with this setup the only one in the world.

This Prototype is especially built for hillclimbs, competing in historic events. As the car is fully build around VWAG parts.

Carcouture will try to bring the car to the VW Bodensee Festival in 2013.