BMW E91 M3


Inspired by a german tuner, Carcouture started to convert a BMW E91 330xd into a powerful M3 Touring – the car BMW should build, but does not.

Currently running the oem 3.0l diesel, the car is used as a daily drive and awaits a full engine, drivetrain and electric conversion. The plan is to use a BMW S65, 4.0l V8 M3 engine with forged high compression pistons, forged connection rods and high camshafts.

Engine parts are currently being sourced.

Current state of tune:

K&N Filter

Black Diamond Brake Discs

Ferodo DS2500 Brake Pads

Eibach Lowering Springs

BBS CH-R 8.5x19 ET20

BMW E90 M3 Front Bumper

BMW E90 M3 Hood

BMW E90 M3 Fenders

BMW E90 M3 Mirrors

BMW Performance crabon front spoilers

Carcouture custom carbon Interiour


The final tuning stage should incorporate a forged S65 engine with 4.4l displacement and the oem double clutch gearbox setup.

Special emphasis is put into increasing overall body-rigidity. It will be the first time to try our new vacuum composite technology to achieve a rigid chassis, especially at the rear.